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how to clean and solve musty bag

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-08-30
Leather goods in the course of the use of sticky stains and in the manufacturing process, in order to improve the performance of leather to join the organic grease and additives, in humid conditions will occur corruption and mildew.

First ,To prevent the emergence of mildew on the leather, leather in the use and preservation of the following points to note:

1.To ensure that leather and the surrounding environment clean.
There is no mildew based on no dirty, so after used of leather goods, should be preserved before all the leather parts of the bottom clean and thoroughly dry, which is to avoid the emergence of important methods of mildew one.

2. Keep the leather to dry and ventilate.
Damp is the decisive factor to make the leather goods be musty, dry and ventilated conditions even if make the leather dirty , but there will be no moldy phenomenon. So to avoid mildew production must ensure that the leather environment to save the environment and ventilation.

Second, the leather once the mildew can be used to deal with the following methods
1. gently wipe the towel with a soft wipe gently wipe, wipe should pay attention to the use of strength, to ensure that the leather coating layer is not damaged in the case, try to skin surface mildly completely wipe the mold, Must not use alcohol, unloading armor and some other strong and poor products to wipe. After wiping, in the shade naturally dry, to be completely dry after the use of luxury leather goods for maintenance care can be.

2. mild moldy in the removal of mildew, if there are some plaque mark, such as black, brown leather goods can choose the appropriate color of the maintenance of oil, maintenance can achieve good results.

     3. Mildew serious leather goods, family care and maintenance alone is difficult to remove all, this time should be handled by the professional store, do not try their own "chaos medicine."

     4. Professional stores and some with the repair technology dry cleaners, repair should pay attention to the characteristics of the leather itself, to determine the pigment paste and other care agent to reconcile the proportion, or likely to cause uneven color. Especially for aniline, and semi-aniline, oil wax skin material to adjust the ratio between materials, and materials. So as to cover the traces of moldy, but also to maintain the effect of beautiful grain.

     5. If the condition of plaque is extremely serious, with the above way is not ideal, it is recommended by a special access to leather laundry care laundry care.

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