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6 knowledge about the wallet -2

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-08-16

Large zip wallet can hold mobile phone

Yes, we have to admit that mobile payment is very convenient. In the era of mobile phones, we also need a wallet with "mobile phone". A large zip wallet is the best choice! You can easily install the iphone plus, and you can also load dozens of banknotes, twelve cards, and a part of coins at the same time... As long as this one bag, you can easily and simply go out.

Hardware is the most vulnerable part

Wallets, including all other leather goods, are the most vulnerable parts, which are hardware. The zipper on the clothing is simple, but the zipper on the wallet is too cumbersome to repair. Therefore, try to choose a high-quality zipper. The zippers like YKK and RIRI are very durable. If you choose a wallet with a zipper, try not to choose a plastic zipper. The life of a plastic zipper is generally much shorter than that of a metal zipper. In a metal zipper, the price of a copper zipper is relatively high.

The phone can't replace the wallet

Since the mobile payment function, the whole world has been beautiful. For patients with late-stage cancer, the mobile phone is simply the whole world! However, what if I don’t have a wallet and I’m out of the phone? And where is the ID card and the transportation card? Therefore, it is necessary to bring a wallet when you go out! Moreover, there are some high-end private gatherings that are not allowed to bring a mobile phone... but I have never heard of a party where you can take out the money folder before you can participate.

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