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How to identify lining front and back side

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-09-06
How to identify the fabric front and back side? When we purchase lining, we often cannt realize which is front and which is back side because two sides are very similiar. After all, we need to distinguish the front and back from the fabric, so we can look at the color, gloss and patterns, etc., in order to deside our purpose and vanue. And usually most of the lining front side is more smooth ,we also can determin the lining front and back side from below points :

You can start from the plain weave look. Such as plain lining, bleaching lining, poplin, etc., their fabric is relatively smooth and smooth, uniform color clear. And if the twill from the cloth to distinguish, single-sided twill, then the front is clear lines, while the opposite is blurred. And double-sided twill, then the positive and negative lines are obvious, full, clear. This is difficult to distinguish it, it is best to compare the comparison, and relatively uniform side is positive.

And the most convenient is from the fabric satin fabric to distinguish. One side is tight, the surface is smooth and shiny is positive, while the opposite of the lines is not obvious, less luster. If it is printed good fabric, that fabric front of the pattern, the color is certainly more clear than the negative, more beautiful.

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