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The tape of handbags

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-05-25
1,Casual bag is used with a combination of casual wear : divided into handbags, shoulder bags, bags, backpacks and cable packages and other types, with a convenient style of the characteristics, now is the most widely used bag type. Leisure bag in the shape of the choice of semi-hard and software design, more models, a variety of shapes and different switching design.

2,Fashion bags are designed for fashion, with a strong epidemic and timeliness, in the application of modeling and materials, emphasizing the trendy and trendy, and sometimes because of the material and the popularity of the general case of fashion package shape and materials Selection and fashion dress style consistent. Fashion package to a simple square-based, through the on-chip division, pattern patterns and decorative accessories and other forms and appropriate with some soft features of the curve of the design elements of women.

3,Tube bag is a cylindrical appearance bag. Tube bag used for daily life, go out to carry the general use of leather or Oxford cloth and other materials. According to the size of the bag can also be divided into small tube, middle tube and large tube and so on. Tube color mainly with a single color or combination of color with more.

4, Dance bag is a shoulder bag, the bag is small, mostly young people used for daily life or to participate in disco or other dance.  Dance bag is usually made of leather, artificial leather, light artificial leather, fine canvas, denim, Oxford cloth and other materials, often in the surface with rivets, metal sheet decoration, printing patterns. Color mostly monochrome mainly red, black, blue.

5, Waist bag is fixed on the waist , bag is with small size, the bag shape of the pockets with the functional requirements of the original pockets in the shape of the change, pockets in the material often use leather, synthetic fiber, Surface and other production, pocket color and more to no color and color with or color gray. Travel or daily life can be used.

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