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How to Make a Leather Wallet(4)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-07-19
Line your stitching holes about 1/4 of an inch above the edge. Ok – you may have noticed a mistake here…I started stitching before dyeing! Make sure to dye it first. That way you don’t have to spend 30 minutes undoing your mistake.

Grab your waxed thread, two needles and some scissors and cut out one piece measuring two arms length worth of thread.

First thread through the needle hole.

Then pierce the thread with the needle leaving about 3 inches from the end. 

Then pull the pierced end up the needle.

Pull on both ends to tighten. Then repeat this for the other side of the thread, so that you have two needles connected to one piece of thread. This is necessary to do the saddle stitch, which is a great stitch for a wallet as it locks each pass in place. If one part of the thread were to break, the others would still hold it together.

Starting on the right, pass the needle through the first hole. I find starting into the grain side gives the thread a better look when finished.

Pull both needles so that equal amounts of thread are on each side. Then pass the left needle back through the same hole on the right side, basically repeating the first step. Pull it tight. This will give you a loop of thread around the end, which is really just for looks.

Next take the right needle and put it into the second hole.

Hold the left needle like so  behind the right needle as it passes through the hole.

Grab both needles in the left hand, and thread in the right.

Pull down on the thread that just passed through the hole, at the same time rotate your left hand so the second needle can be pushed through the same hole.

It is important to hold the thread down so you don’t puncture it with the needle. If that happens…stitching will stop almost immediately.

As the second needle is going through the hole, lift up on the right side thread you were holding from needle 1.

And wrap it around the back of needle 2.

Pull needle 2 through the hole.

Tighten both ends of the thread. That completes your first saddle stitch.

Now make a bunch more and once you get to the end, see below.

At the end – you will be basically doing everything in reverse. Stitching over your last stitches to hold them in place. First, you need to loop around the end, just as you did at the front of the wallet.

Pass the fet needle around the end and through the last hole.

Tighten it.

Then do the saddle stitch in reverse…or spin the pony around it’s much easier!

Make 2 to 3 reverse saddle stitches.

Then take the needle on the right and just push it through the next hole to get it on the inside for tying off.

To tie off each thread – just pass it under a stitch…

Then drop the needle through the hole created by the thread.


And snip, with a little room. It is recommended that you also use a soldering iron to burn the thread edge and keep it from unraveling, I haven’t found this necessary yet though.

If you made the exact same stitch, identically each time, this is what it should look like.

To help the wallet fold into the correct shape, go ahead and fold it backwards and wet the edge with a touch of water.

Then line it up and fold it on the correct side, pinch it or use a mallet to hammer into place.

Not so bad? You just made a nice, thin, durable, and minimal hand stitched wallet.

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