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What kind of bag is most durable

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-12-13
Except the outlook ,the most important to choose bag is the quality,now Sunteam would like to show you how to identify the quality and how to choose.

Durable bag selection point one: material
Normal bag material can be divided into leather, nylon or canvas:

Leather - The most common material on the market is leather, leather bags back texture particularly good, but poor water resistance, weight is heavier.
Canvas - durable bags are usually canvas-based materials, but the canvas is less dirt, water resistance is also poor.
Nylon - the most lightweight material, waterproof better, durable less than canvas.
Durable bag material comparison: canvas> leather> nylon

Durable bag selection points two: edges sewing

Buying durable bags one of the most important points to the sewn side of the bag, the inside and outside the bag sewn edges should be neat, solid, tight so that can be durable, so you must pay attention when you choose bag !When we saw a seam line sewing off, we will put the bag down.

Durable bag selection point three:Lining
Lining is a part we often ignore, if the inside is a nylon material, the bag will be less durable , because the nylon material is thin, and also easier to break.We recommend you can choose the fabric inside the bag, not only the material is thicker and less prone to wear, of course, extend the use of time.