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The styles of Men’s Wallet

  • Author:Cara
  • Release on:2017-12-25
Although all wallets have the same basic purpose, there are a variety of wallet styles to choose from, and the utility and benefits of each style should be examined carefully:

The Billfold
The classic wallet, also called the bifold, which folds in half with card compartments on either side. Your unfolded cash bills go in the rear pocket. The best billfolds are sleek and simple, and fit into your trouser pocket without creating a bulge.

The Zip-around
A little unorthodox, but it makes a statement. A zip-around wallet brings extra security and usually contains multifunctional compartments for loose coins. Be extra careful when choosing the size of this wallet; the zipper goes all the way around the edge of the wallet and can sometimes add bulkiness.

The Travel
Essentially a larger version of the breast wallet, travel wallets allow extra room for traveller’s cheques, ticket stubs and your passport. Though not for everyday use, the travel wallet is excellent for when you’re on the move, and especially handy when rushing through customs and immigration.

The Card Holder
The wallet’s minimalist cousin, this is an elegant alternative for our increasingly cashless society when only credit cards are required. Generally speaking, card holders are designed for carrying cards, but not bank notes or coins.