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The resolution of the yarn and other materials

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-07-16

1. Cotton: Burn immediately, the flame is stable, gradually extinguished, white smoke, burnt smell, gray ash, SOFT.

2. Rayon: Burn immediately, the flame is stable, immediately extinguished, white smoke, burnt smell, no ash, SOFT.

3. Nylon: first shrink and melt, gradually burn, white smoke, like celery, gray lumps, shiny.

4. Teduolong: first shrinks and melts, gradually burns, produces black smoke, odor, black lumps, dull.

5.PE:: First shrink the curl and melt immediately after melting, black smoke, paraffin smell, yellow brown hard block.

6.PP: melt quickly after melting, flame beating, black smoke, pungent smell, black irregular hard block.

Calico cloth:

According to the weaving method (different looms):

1. Knitted fabric: Mesh beautiful cloth plush shearing plush wear-resistant cloth KEVLALLYCRA.

2. Plain weave: Tufta Oxford cloth CORDURABALLISTIC.

3. Twill: 3/1 twill 2/2 twill large diagonal cross jacquard tartan cloth

4. Jacquard cloth: color yarn plaid fabric curtain cloth LOGO jacquard linen tablecloth

5. Non-woven: Lixin cloth needle ginning (note thickness / code weight / texture / color)

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