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Why goatskin is better against other animal leather products?

Leather is made out of any animal skin which gets chemically or mechanically processed. Genuine leather breathes and it has capabilities to absorb hum...

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The Four Forms of Leather

In general, leather is sold in these four forms: Full-grain leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to top-g...

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The tape of handbags

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What is Leather?

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China, France plan to launch first joint oceanic satellite in 2018

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Handbags & Purses Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Handbags and purses are essentially bags that come in a variety of sizes and are a product of certain fashion designs. Those employed within this indu...
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The resolution of the yarn and other materials

Lily 2018-07-16 10:16:04

1. Cotton: Burn immediately, the flame is stable, gradually extinguished, white smoke, burnt smell, gray ash, SOFT.

2. Rayon: Burn immediately, the flame is stable, immediately extinguished, white smoke, burnt smell, no ash, SOFT.

3. Nylon: first shrink and melt, gradually burn, white smoke, like celery, gray lumps, shiny.

4. Teduolong: first shrinks and melts, gradually burns, produces black smoke, odor, black lumps, dull.

5.PE:: First shrink the curl and melt immediately after melting, black smoke, paraffin smell, yellow brown hard block.

6.PP: melt quickly after melting, flame beating, black smoke, pungent smell, black irregular hard block.

Calico cloth:

According to the weaving method (different looms):

1. Knitted fabric: Mesh beautiful cloth plush shearing plush wear-resistant cloth KEVLALLYCRA.

2. Plain weave: Tufta Oxford cloth CORDURABALLISTIC.

3. Twill: 3/1 twill 2/2 twill large diagonal cross jacquard tartan cloth

4. Jacquard cloth: color yarn plaid fabric curtain cloth LOGO jacquard linen tablecloth

5. Non-woven: Lixin cloth needle ginning (note thickness / code weight / texture / color)

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