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The origin and classification of handbags

  • Author:Erin
  • Release on:2017-10-24
The handbag, originally from the early 16th century. At that time, the European royal aristocracy like held balls. Noble lady and debutantes need to carry rouge and lipstick, so they let tailor to make small delicate pocket for them, which can only be hung on the wrist and will not affect them dancing.

Before the 18th century, women's handbags were not allowed to show publicly, and women's personal belongings were placed in a small bag tied to the waist. They can reach the bag from the hem of the dress and the underwear. At that time, the women sewed the bags by themselves, and these bags could not be seen from the outside of skirt.

In the UK, women began to wear a more transparent cotton dress, and the bags became a problem. Because it was unsightly to hang a heavy bag under a thin skirt, they began to use a mesh bag to hold a fan and a box of incense. When the bags first appeared on women's wrists, it caused quite a stir. From then on, the handbag began to be showed publicly.

Handbags have a variety of styles, and handbags can be basically classified as below.
1. Basing on the user's gender, handbag can be classified as women bags and men bags.
2. Basing on the materials, handbag can be classified as cowhide leather bags, sheep leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags, nylon bags, canvas bags, etc.
3. Basing on different function, handbags can be classified as travel bags, briefcases, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, evening bags, etc.
4. Basing on the carry way, handbags can be classified as waist bag, clutch bag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag, satchel bag, backpack, etc.
5. Basing on the bags’ shape, there are also hobo bag, bucket bag, etc.

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