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The Difference between Microfiber and Genuine Leather

  • Author:Erin
  • Release on:2017-10-17
Microfiber is the best leatherette. It is coated with PU coating on the basis of microfiber fabric. Microfiber has been gradually accepted by consumers and manufacturers. Microfiber is very similar to genuine leather, and very durable. But there are still below methods to identify microfiber and genuine leather.

1, Appearance.
The surface pores of genuine leather are relatively clear, and grain is natural. Microfiber is without pores, and the texture is well organized. For some low-end microfiber, it may have a plastic feel.
Press the leather with your hands, genuine leather is with natural wrinkles, but the wrinkles of the microfiber are slightly unnatural.
The texture of each piece of leather is unlikely to have the same texture, but the microfiber has the same texture.
Look at the back side, microfiber generally has very fine fiber, leather only pores.
For the luster, the leather is with soft luster, but the luster of microfiber is not natural.

2, Weight. Under the same conditions, the microfiber is much lighter than the genuine leather.

3, Smell. The smell of the genuine leather is heavy, and the smell of the microfiber skin is lighter. But some low-end microfiber may have a stronger plastic smell.

4,Performance. Microfiber may be more durable, anti-aging. Leather will be more comfortable, breathable.

5, The combustion identification method.
To burn, natural leather will has a smell of burnt hair, burning into ashes fragile into powder. But after burning the microfiber, the flame is flourishing, shrink rapidly, and the unpleasant plastic smell. After burning, it becomes sticky, and after cooling it will become hard lump.

6,The price. Normally, the genuine leather (fullgrain) is more expensive than the microfiber. However, some of the world's top microfiber is very advanced and will be more expensive than leather, which is used in high-end field.


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