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Sunteam teach you how to choose the business bag

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-11-15
A lot of people who just step into the work and those people always use one bag for many years, and some of the senior white-collar workers bought lots of bags, discovered all bags are just one design.Then,when attend different place like: travel, party, leisure, dinner, such as different working environment, how to choose the suitable bag?Now just like news channel, take a look at life, two sets of CCTV financial channel "to buy fashion" program group members in west's to share with you, "five package law," "prescription" for anyone starting a new job how to buy package, in the most appropriate budget to buy the most appropriate business bag.

Commuter bag
This bag we suggest to choice leather which has a certain strength, can accommodate A4 paper, there is a big pocket for easy put things,  The characteristic of choose this kind of bag is don't choose too soft leather,put empty bag on the table can keep the original state, because too soft commuter bag is easy to professional image collapse without cadence impression to the person

Travel bag and Casual bag
Travel bag and casual bag can be general, suggestion choice can be the medium of inclined back can also be portable bag type, size appropriate, put a few can take use of small objects, travel, shopping and ordinary business entertainment, useful and beautiful.

Evening bags
Party bags and evening bags can be universal, advised to choose a burnish feels and has small packets,better have a chain, can be back to take, and colleagues meet for lunch at noon, evening and friends go to the bar to drink something, or temporary have dinner also can be used as a handbag.

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