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  • Author:Cara
  • Release on:2018-01-15
Semi-aniline leather is the cozy, middle path between finished and unfinished leather. Like aniline leather, semi-aniline is first saturated in dyes, but is afterward given and additional light coating of dyes and pigments at the surface. This top coat preserves the leather’s most natural qualities, while giving it more protection than aniline leather and offering the dyes some resistance to fading under sunlight. Semi-aniline is the most practical choice for anyone who wants to take their leather on rough and tumble adventure while preserving its natural roots. You can get a good idea whether your leather is semi-aniline by identifying the following characteristics:

1.Mostly smooth texture, with some tactile qualities of leather’s natural coarseness. Will not change color under pressure.

2.Possesses natural leather scents and aesthetic: grainy, with spontaneous patterns and non-uniform appearance. Marks and traits that were visible on the animal while alive are most easily seen with this leather.

3. Fluids will absorb more slowly. Scratches may not rub out. Fairly breathable leather, although pores will not be as easy to see.

4. More flexible and supple than finished leather, but stiffer than unfinished. Wrinkles will not likely show when leather is furled.

5. Color is somewhere between transparent and opaque, giving you insight into the leather’s natural grain, but with a much more uniform color. May patina. Color will not be affected by UV exposure nearly as easily, and the leather will shine dimly under light.