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Preserving of Hides and Skins Chapter 5: Storing of Preserved Hides

  • Author:Cara
  • Release on :2017-07-03
Storing of preserved hides is of great importance. All hides and skins, whatever their method of conservation must be stored in the shade in an as cool as possible environment with adequate ventilation. The hides and skins should not touch the warehouse floor, hence they should be kept on pallets. Dried hides and skins should be shielded against humidity in general and liquids in particular. Water dripping on a dried hide or skin will cause putrefaction, that will manifest itself after re-hydration for tanning as a hole. 

Dry hides and skins must be treated against insects and parasites with insecticide and during storage it is imperative to check the effectiveness of the insecticide. A clean warehouse floor is not recommended. Some thin dusting of the warehouse floor with insecticide will bar insects and parasites from entering the warehouse or kill them after they do gain access.