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Identification and characteristics of goat skin and sheep skin

  • Author:Erin
  • Release on:2017-09-26
Do you know how to identify sheep skin and goat skin? Below is the characteristics of goat skin and sheep skin for identify them.

Sheep skin
1. The cortical fat content is more than goat skin.
2. Sheep skin construction is loose.
3. It is very smooth, and the pores are very small.
4. The hand feel is very soft.
5. The extensibility is relatively large.
6. It is not strong and not durable.
7. It is very thin and very light.
8. The pores are irregularly divided, and with flat round shape.

Goat skin
1. The cortical fat content is relatively less.
2. Goat skin construction is fuller than sheep skin.
3. The pores are very clear, and the goat skin is flexible.
4. It is durable.
5. Comparing with sheep skin, the goat skin is relatively rough than sheep leather, not smooth as sheep skin
6. The strength of goat skin is higher than the sheep leather.
7. Goat skin is with meticulous surface, close construction.
8. The goat skin grain is arranged with two to four pores in the semi-solitary, surrounded by a large number of fine velvet pores.