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How to identify imported fabrics is genuine leather or not

Lily 2017-08-13 11:13:10
First, let us look at the characteristics of imported fabrics and domestic fabrics reflect:

European fabric: comprehensive, design style is obvious, rich variety, high prices, new fabric stability is not enough

Domestic fabric: large qty, weak system, cost-effective

Second, what is the Italian fabric? Fabric display, the details of the design is far more than the domestic.

Comprehensive and lead the international men's fashion trend

Powerful creativity and design

Product series integrity

High color, practical and innovative 

Third, how to identify the fabric is good or bad? First: touch by hand

Through hand unique touch, hand to touch the leather fabric luggage, feel whether it has leather smoothness, softness, and fullness and flexibility of the characteristics, but in addition to open grain processing into a thick luggage leather fabric.

The second kind: look  

Eye is to distinguish the authenticity of luggage leather fabric the most simple, but it is the most practical way. First of all to observe whether the leather fabric has obvious pores and patterns, and whether the leather bag leather fabric floor. Leather is no textile floor, but the pores and patterns are very clear.

The third: smell

In fact, really leather luggage leather fabric in addition to the smell of leather, there is no smell, if the smell of leather bags yo pungent taste may be leather chemical raw materials exceeded, or luggage leather fabric only a touch of light or almost smell the taste, It may be fake leather.

The fourth: with fire

This method is more suitable for manufacturers to mass production test bag leather fabric authenticity of the most effective step, the dermis lit, the taste and charred hair almost, and artificial leather is ignited after the divergence is very pungent taste, and after burning will produce pimple.

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