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Foreign trade enterprises in what status can apply for export tax rebate?

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-04-19
First, the scope of export tax rebate

Products exported by China shall be exempted from tax or exemption from taxation, except that the products have been levied or accrued for product tax, value added tax and special consumption tax are not expressly provided by the State.

Export products, generally should have the following three conditions: 
1. Must belong to the product tax, value added tax and special consumption tax range of products. 
2. Must be declared off. The so-called export, that is, the output mark. This is a distinction between whether the product is a tax rebate export products, one of the main criteria to stamp the customs inspection chapter of the export declaration and export sales invoice shall prevail.
3. Must be financially export sales.

Below products are not allowed :
1.Export crude oil; 
2.Foreign export products;
3.The state prohibits the export of products; 
4.Export enterprises to purchase and export foreign investment products; 
5.Processing, incoming assembly of the export products; 
6.Military export to the military system of export products;
7Military system export enterprise scope; 
8.The diamond processing enterprises with domestic or imported diamonds imported diamonds directly exported or sold to foreign trade enterprises export; 
9.Qilu, Yangtze, Daqing three major ethylene production products; 
10.Non - taxable products; 
11.Individuals in the domestic purchase, bring their own goods temporarily no tax rebate.

Second, which enterprises can do export tax rebate?
1. With the right operate foreign trade and export enterprises to undertake the task of export, after the approval of economic and trade authorities, enjoy the right to operate independently of the central and local foreign trade enterprises, industry and trade companies and some industrial production enterprises.
2. Entrusted to export enterprises mainly refers to the export business with the right to export agents, bear the export profit and loss of the enterprise.