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A Guide To Choosing Men’s Wallets

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2017-02-25
1.Tri-fold or Bi-fold

When making this choice, think of what you want to carry with you. Tri-folds are usually bigger and give you more space. They can also carry a variety of items and have compartments in more sizes. Bi-folds are thinner and can carry less diverse items. Think about the comfort you will feel when carrying your wallet. A tri-fold can be bulky and more uncomfortable in your pocket.


Some wallets have two compartments for your money, which is ideal if you want to separate your bills. Also, if you are in a situation where you carry different currencies, this type could be useful. If you prefer to have all your money in one place, go for a one-compartment wallet. Also, we would recommend that you choose a wallet with a compartment for coins, as otherwise coins can be quite annoying. In case you only carry your credit card with you, there is no need for a coin compartment.


Most wallets are brown or black, but there are many wallets that come in more diverse colors. In Feng Shui, the color of you wallet is important, and it believed that the color of you wallet can influence your finances. Black or dark blue correspond to water, which in Feng Shui is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is considered to be the best color. Gold, silver, white and grey are associated with stability, gold especially is associated with wealth, so carrying a wallet in this color could attract wealth into your life. Red is the color of the Feng Shui Fire element. Red is said to activate and energize the positive flow of money into a wallet. If you like green, you should know that in Feng Shui it is associated with wood and symbolizes growth and development, so a green wallet can help to influence your financial wealth. Brown or yellow are associated with the Earth element in Feng Shui and are said to add confidence, reliability and stability to your wealth building skills.

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