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worker's examination in Sunteam

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-05-03

Wuhan Sunteam international trading company is a OEM ODM Women Wallet Leather and High quality Leather wallet Manufacturer. In the company, there is a skill test for each sales representative each year. One of the test project is to evaluate the cost of bags and wallets. During the test, the sales manager will put two pcs of ladys handbag, mans handbag, ladys wallet and mans wallet on one table respectively. The sales representatives are requested to evaluate the cost of them by measuring the size, checking the structure and materials & accessories. If the examinees result falling in the range of 8% higher or lower than the actual cost, they will be considered pass the test, or failed. Those who failed will be sent to the pricing department of Sunteams affiliated factory one week to learn the knowledge of calculate the cost of bags and wallets. Another test project cost related is how to meet customers target by simplifying one product. For example, the cost of one PU ladys handbag is USD10.00, one customer is interested in this handbags design, but his target price is only USD7.00. The sales representatives are requested to simplify this bag without changing a lot in the original design to meet the customers target price. These two skills are very useful and essential for a sales representative when negotiating with customers.

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