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what is sales ?

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-04-30

What is sales? Sales is communication. It is to use our products and services to help customers solve problems, to meet customer demand at the same time, access to a win-win rule of profit. Sales success is by asking questions.

Before seeking to understand others, you must first understand others. Before responding to customer feedback, booth sales staff to first ensure that they understand the intention of customers. Proactive questions can prompt us to look for specific information can be quantified. For example, what are the client's goals , what his selection criteria, which he hopes to specific gains, he uses what kind of evaluation system. Only in this way, customers will see you as a real expert and consultant.

Meanwhile, at the show, visitors come to the front of each booth is not necessarily talk about the business, as an exhibitor, have to understand the intent of the visitors, to provide targeted information. Obviously, the sales staff the booth in front of the background and do not understand the real needs of customers on the flight, aimlessly presentation and marketing, the result is futile.

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