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trade BARTER

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-04-09

In primitive society, there was no currency, the only way to get what people needed was trade their own material products for other peoples material products directly. We call this kind of trade BARTER. But with the develop of the society, people found that barter was not so convenient and sometimes they could even not get what they needed. For example, person A want to exchange his stone axe for other person Bs goat, but the person B dont need stone axe. Then person A has to find other person who need stone axe and has goat for exchange. Due to this limitation, people had to looking for some products can be accepted for all as the mediate during the exchange. This kind of product is the initial state of currency in human history. Since then, the barter was getting rarer and rarer, but it has always been existed after the real currency emerged. Even now, you can find some BARTER website at the internet. Last year, my colleagues and I concluded a barter with our neighbor company. One day we learn our neighbor company was selling their sample stock of socks and we happen to have some wallet and bags sample stock to deal with. So we called them asking if we can exchange our sample with their socks. They said yes. After bargain, we set the deal at one genuine leather wallet for 5 pair of socks, one PU lady handbag for 8 pairs of socks, one PU mens bag for 10 pairs of socks. Both side were satisfied by this exchange.