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the film "your name"

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-12-05
A movie recording a big hit in Japan "Your name is. "Rotten Tomatoes has won a high reputation as 97% (as of the 2nd day) in the major film criticism site of the United States, especially in the UK where the disclosure began from November 24th, The Guardian, EMPIRE, The Telegraph All three magazines are giving the highest rating of 5 stars. Below are some excerpts from the review of each magazine and introduce.

■ The Guardian
Eyes dazzle just shining "body romance". Director Shinkai Makoto established the evaluation that he is a new King of Japanese animation circle. "When I wake up my dreams are gone", but in this wonderful movie that's not the case. Even after the mysterious light has disappeared from the screen, the audience is immersed in fun fantasies.
Makoto Shinkai. Please remember this name. If there is justice in this crazy world, he will receive the same evaluation as Hayao Miyazaki who is a great man in the Japanese animation world in the next few years. And he may possibly have an Oscar image as early as next year. Academy Award feature length animation film award or academy award foreign language film award. No, it may be both. If you plan to see only one Japanese anime movie this year, you should watch this work. And you should watch it more than once.
■ The Telegraph
This movie is as beautiful as to laugh. For example, a beautiful scene depicting after the rain makes the "sharpness", "shine" and "perception ability" in the real world feel refined. Talking about the story obviously becomes stubborn. However, there is no such thing as "real spoiler" in this work. Makoto Shinkai The only way to understand Makoto's work is to immerse himself in the world, feel the braid of his heart beside the two lives that weaved and draw a silver arc in the sky with his own eyes There is no choice but to look.
We have won first place of weekend box office revenues in Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan except in Japan "Your name is. Screening has also begun in China from the 2nd, it is scheduled to be released in Malaysia on the 8th, on the 28th at the French and on 5th January 2017 in the Korea. The voice of the acclaim of the British media pushed further "Your name is. I'd like to expect further leaps of.
Everyone, please go to see.

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