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our test

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-11-28
Last Friday, we exercised an examination centering on leather expertise in the company. Everyone was very nervous. Before the exam, we prepared a lot and worked hard. If someone fails,the failure have to  give 50 yuan and treat everyone. On the other hand, if you pass all, the company will issue 100 yuan. So, what is the result?
It was our victory. The maximum score is 98 points, the minimum score is 80 points. How wonderful it is!
I got 85 points. It is not that expensive, but I am satisfied for a moment. I have been in a company for a month and I did not think that I could pass the exam. All of our seniors have their own good business partners and are very  busy and fulfilling every day. It is much more detailed about my job than I am. In the first place, the examination is not a purpose, but a means.
Thanks to the exam, We remembered thingsthat we can not memorize in the usual way. We were able to solve problems that we do not usually notice. I could make a step, I made progress. It is the first time in 2 years since I graduated from university. That's nostalgic. It seems that I went back to my school days.
And by testing, I found out what I missed. Everyone knows the actual condition of each and also works hard and works.
Well, the examination is not a bad thing, but it is indeed troubling as though it is too much. It is commonplace to have a sense of responsibility because it is already a social worker.

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