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a big family

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on :2016-04-19

In my mind the boss who buy the dinner for workers is the story in the TV. But when I into the sunteam ,I found that it is not all the companies like it.  for instance, last night ,because of work I should have to left in the company and continue to stay in office to complete the task of today. The boss at that time also remain in the company, she told us that she will go down to eat dinner, would she buy the dinner for us. . I just get into the company soon ,a lot of things I don't understand, when I ask her ,she answer to me one by one, what is love! Like a big family, let a person feel very warm, very comfortable! In fact, not only that but someone who join in marathon such a project , the boss also encourages us to participate in, and she will give us a reward, for example a coin wallet, passport holder, etc.