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With maintenance method of PU leather bag

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-07-22

   The first is the problem about the leather wear, handbags is direct contact with clothing is known to all, over time, hard to avoid the leather wear conditions. How to solve the problem? The love of beauty ladies who like nail polish, you can find a color the same color like the bag, if the leather is peeling, peeling of the lower level you can use nail polish, the peeling parts have the effect of bonding, and then light apply onto a layer of nail polish in the joint. If flake is leather, then in flake place daub the same color nail polish (note that don't apply too much, also can have the effect of nursing aesthetics. 

  The second is the leather dyeing, infected with dirt and decontamination. You can use a cotton ball with Ralm in infected with scrub, Ralm also has very good decontamination effect. With noise heard that still can use the eraser, not only noise can be erased can also erase the dirty place. Have dirt can also try with a small amount of detergent with cotton, point in the dirt, after a few minutes with a soft cloth wipe gently, then clean with a damp cloth will detergent.

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