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Why rich people like long wallet?(2)

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-05-28

  Now everywhere in the society, we often can see some rich people often use long wallet, purse which leave our a deep impression should be short style, so why are there so many people like to use long wallet?

  We also mentioned in the previous articles, short money purse used will be more convenient, very convenient to carry, and put it into the pocket, long wallet because of the limitation of length, most can only use hand, so easily lost or was robbed.
Similarly, long purse also has its advantages, why so many rich people prefer to use long wallet? Long packing more money is easy, short of money purse is hard packing a lot of money to come over, filled with too much money, is not to be able to fold, and the purse is too thick, not easy on the pocket. Long wallet among women are using the most, go out with women all like carrying a bag or a handbag. Long wallet in the other package, it is very convenient.

  Rich general card, VIP card and so on in long wallet can be very good classification, be clear at a glance, and generally long wallet compare to short wallet the design looks good.

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