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Why handbag makes women more secure(1)

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-06-01

  First of all, the package can give a woman a sense of security.Package as intimate partner in womens mind, carry it, they can rely on a substantive sense; Package like bestfriend or parents, most of me. Women love of package is reflected the maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, safety is physiological needs, the instinct of a man needs. When women from home to outside and walk into the wide world, it is the bag, on the subconscious, gave them some kind of emotional attachment. On some occasions, bag can also help them alleviate tension and anxiety. 

  In addition, package is also the women's savior, let them become more perfect. Women don't like a man, sometimes can don't care much about yourself is perfect or not, a man can put the daily use of things such as mobile phones, cigarettes, keys, etc on the close-fitting pocket, women can't do this, so they cant leave the package.

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