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Why famous brand handbag is so expensive? 3

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-09-04

Gucci Bamboo Bag: Knife Drill

Bamboo shank is very difficult to make, you need to put the bamboo on the fire to heat it, and then bend it by hand. Only when the force is perfect, the curvature is perfect, so the handles of each Bamboo Bag are different. A packaged light production process takes 13 hours. The glue of the sticky bag is also purely natural and is extracted from a unique beetle in Southeast Asia. This kind of workmanship has finally made people understand why the luxury price of this bag comes from.

Loewe handbag

Number of craftsmen: 4 people Time: 6.5 hours
Making an Amazona handbag takes a total of 61 pieces of leather. These top-of-the-line leathers used to make Amazona have been carefully selected from 5% of the world's tanneries and are guaranteed to be flawless through a triple selection process. These 61 pieces of leather must be flawless and hand-crafted by the craftsman through six and a half hours to complete a classic Amazona handbag. Throughout the production process, a total of four senior craftsmen are required to prepare, cut, sew and assemble the four processes. The four processes are created by each person in the field. The superb technicality makes this elegant unlined handbag an eternal classic and Loewe's guarantee of excellent quality.