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What to do can make your luxury handbag “survive the summer”

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-05
What we do can make your luxury handbag always look new?So ,we need do several ways to protect your handbag,especial for the luxury leather goods. Usually we can do a specialist nurse care to our leather goods,we also can protect it in home.So ,what should we do to protect our handbag ?

1.I do not recommend you to use the spray dust water,this spray dust water will have a good effect in  early days,but it will make your handbag leather destroyed if you use it for a long time.

2.Do not put your fashion leather handbag in the car,especil in the back of the car,after the high temperature in sunmmer and the low temperature in winter ,the grease  of leather will volatilize ,so that the leather will be harden, crack and aging.

3.When you use light color handbag,do not wear dark color cloth ,especilly the dard color jeans.Because the color of the clothes are particularly easy to dye on the bag.
If it is light-colored patent leather bag is more easily dyed.

4.You must clean your handbag in time when it become dirty,although the clear water also easy to leave a ugly mark.So it is better for you to take a peice of soft cloth to wipe the handbag when we meet the raining  day.

Above we introduced several ways to protect luxury handbag,once you carefully do these points ,your handbag will gain more use time.

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