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What is the meaning of different color for man's wallet?

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-07-14
It is very important for a man to choose the color, because the color of the wallet can reflect the character of the man. So what does the meaning of different colors of the man's wallet?

Here, Wuhan Sunteam Leather would like to introduce to everyone:

Black Wallet: a symbol of mature, stable, many business men preferred this color; suitable for personality who is introverted.

The coffee color is slightly more active than the black color, man who is suitable for any style.

Brown color:With the wild and dynamic, more suitable for those who prefer leisure style.

Gray Wallet: a symbol of mystery and elegance,suitable for the pursuit of personality.

Pink Wallet: a symbol of the cute and casual, not suitable for men to use.

Red Wallet: a symbol of passion and romance, there is a wealth of rhyme meaning. Of course, the man with a red purse somewhat strange feeling, so this can not be considered, unless you

Enough bold and unrestrained.

White purse: a symbol of clean and noble, more suitable for the use of young girls. The meaning of short style Wallet, symbolizing the capable, neat, suitable for any person

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