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What is needle inspection and the source of the needle inspection

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-14
The needle inspection requirment is because once happened a terrible thing.One of company export a lot children garment to Japan and there is a needle in the cloth and punctured a little boy ,the boy infected other virus because of the punctured wound and died.So in order to avoid the same thing happen ,the needle inspection start of garment 

In fact, a needle check the zipper does not need special treatment, just need to replace the original iron-containing material with 65 # or more materials instead of copper can be done, but also the iron needle detector reacts, the main needle component is iron, cobalt, nickel and other magnetic metals, as long as zippers and buttons and other metal ornaments free of these metals can be. Level of a few so-called needle inspection iron content is also required. National standard is ten, China is now able to reach 8, and exported to Japan can achieve the standards.Our company as for manufacturer of high quality leather wallet and handbag we also met a client which need 9 level needle inspection ,then it means we need higher quality copper.

For the sewing related products also need needle inspection for Japan client and most of Europe products have this requirment as well,but for Europe clients the regular inspection still request environmental(OTX-100).

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