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What is billfold and the different with the wallet ?

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-24

Many people easy confused the meaning of wallet and billfold,actually this two things are totally different.The wallet can extend to more sides,such as famous LV which is made of canvas and other many famous manufacturer use cow leather and other PU leather.The style of wallet can divided into two folding wallet 、three folding wallet 、long wallet or short style wallet.But billfold is belong to wallet ,the range is limited.In general,made of  cow leather、short style and usually used for man.


Billfold usually used for man ,woman always used long style which can packing many daily things or use bag.For sure ,there are many personalized woman tired of carrying the handbag ,they are prefer to carry a sexless wallet.Nowadays.the billfold、watch、belt can be a taste of a man.As for billfold,the man who use traditional black billfold usually is more formal,in life is short of romance.The man who use brown leisure style billfold usually is easy-going,like the elegant emotional appeal.


In addition,the billfold as a every day carry item ,stay a long time with their owner there will be a special plot ,so the billfold is important to a man.The billfold is  not only the meaning of carrying money ,but also verification the growth career of a man.

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