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What is a natural leather

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-08-05

   Natural leather with the aspect of the type includes pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, etc., and a small amount of fish leather, reptiles leather, amphibians leather, ostrich leather, etc. Among them Cow leather includues cattle leather, buffalo leather, yak leather and Dzo leather; Besides also divided into sheep and goat leather leather. According to their level, has a full grain leather and split leather, the first layer of leather with full grain leather and corrected grain; Split leather the includes split leather of pig and leather, etc.

    In the main categories of leather, cattle and sheep leather has smooth surface flat thin, small eyes, and inner structure close tight, leather has a good sense of fullness and elasticity, good physical properties. As a result, the optimal cow leather and sheep leather is used commonly make high-end products such as leather, that its price is higher in bulk leather category. In many kinds of leather, full grain leather should be ranked first, because it is less by the disability of quality raw materials and Labour, and keep intact the natural state of leather surface, thin coating, can show the decorative pattern of animal skins natural beauty.It is not only wear-resistant, but also has the good permeability.

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