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What color of wallet can recruit the wealth ?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2017-01-22
A. Red purse
The wallet color selection, especially for girls, it is not better to buy too red color.  Red signifies the deficit, you will spend out the money, can't save it.  if you are doing business, there will be a disadvantage to the end, lose everything.
B. The blue purse
Blue wallet doesn't suited, it is the symbol of ocean, the meaning of water, that you will spend money like water, without restraint.
C. Black purse
A lots of people like black color wallet, whether man or woman. black represents modest, deep, can be netted everything, including money, it's hard to lose, if you are a small business assets, simple black wallet is the most appropriate.

D. The yellow purse
Yellow color purse is a lots of noble lady interesed color, it represents nobility and supreme, is the most real performance in wealth of gold, for people which pursuit wealth, is the most suitable, yellow purse will make you money more step. 
There is a girl who pursuit fashion, elegant, it is not better to choose red color and deep yellow. These color is means distributing the fund,  unless you feel much more money, that doesn't matter. But pink, yellow, cream-colored, Black color, is very good choice for girls, not only the color fashion and elegant atmosphere, but also the meaning of the bathroom will be full of treasures.

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