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What buyers want to get when visit Canton Fair

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-04-30
Due to buyers limited exhibition time, usually only a short time to be able to stay in a booth, so that exhibitors must clearly focused and very refined way to introduce them , buyers should ask questions. The vast majority of suppliers never ask questions to buyers, passively waiting for customers to ask questions, make demands, so missed a lot of sales opportunities. Research shows that 40% of the buyers leave the booth without reaching any intention , because they feel an exhibitor does not take the time to understand their needs. Like buyers ,suppliers classified as exhibitors also need buyers classification. Ask questions to buyers, digging their needs, such as: - Get contact information (business cards). - Visitors who he engaged in what industry, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers or importers? - Where the market is located in? How the business scale? - Your customers about what the product requirements? - Have him or purchasing power to influence purchasing decisions? - When will this customer might purchase, which is currently in the acquisition phase? Only with this information, exhibitors can provide the products they need for the buyer. Buyers will be able to offer exhibitors the right products for their confidence. Therefore, the best two-way interactive communication. 
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