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Wallet introduction

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-04-16

All wallets functionality (payment, coupons, identity) will be embedded in your mobile device,many people will put ID card .Nowadays,people is rich than previous ,no longer use currency but use bank card.The wallet is a small gift for women ,have a wonderful wallet will gain their life security.The wallet devided to long and short styles.

1.High quality Leather long wallet 

Long style wallet is a very general traditional style,although is only a wallet ,but it is really can pack many things,you can put not only money also can put cards in it.Long style high quality PU wallet is very popular for Japan and China countries .

2.Tri-fold wallet

Tri-fold wallet means Tri-fold for a wallet,same as folded type, area can be greatly narrowed,but very thick even when you not put many things.It is better for us to put this kind of wallet in your bags.

3.Zipper Around wallet

It is not hard for us to understand this kind of wallet ,the opening part is use zipper.This kind wallet is good with it sealing seactiontotally cannt loss anything.At least can hold one thousand to two thousand RMB.The most attractive part is really convineince for you to open it .

4.Travel wallet

The travel wallet will make bigger than other wallets,the function and card slot also a lot ,more than other wallets.Because you need put you passportAir ticketdifferent currency even the travels check put in a wallet together.Travel wallet have zipper to close ,the size always easy confusing with the little bag,of couse the people is not care about it.

5.Coin purse

It is very small which is use for packing coins,when you have few coins dont know where to put ,then you can think about the coin purse ,you also can put the keys in it .

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