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Wallet customization help to solve the problem when you loss your wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-04
Nowadays ,Hanhan went to Taiwan and loss his wallet,Jiang Fangzhou also loss his wallet when he went to Taiwan ,but both of them are lucky to find back their wallets.One of Hangzhou man also loss his wallet,still send back as well.

The Taiwan civil law of 805 principle said:When you picked up someone lossed things and if the loser find back the things back before six months,the finder can receive 13% money of the goods whole vanue. But this rule changed only tenths.If the finder need the reward and the loser do not want give ,the finder can not send back the things back to loser.One of iuuse happened in Taiwan :In 2010 ,one student of university picked up forty thousand TWD.according to the rule ,she need the loser give her 30% reward otherwise she can keep the forty thousand TWD by herself.

According to above issue we can see that how important a customization  wallet is ,if you have a customization wallet, there is no need to worry about the wallet loss and someone stolen it ? 

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