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Values influence people's choice of leather

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2017-02-09
In the past, when choosing "wallet / bag", .Compared to men's attention to "functional" "genuine pursuit", women pay more attention to "fashion", "brand" and "popularity" .However, as "diversification" has expanded to various fields in recent years, emphasis is placed on being "functional" and "genuine pursuit" even among women · · · As more people with such a sense of value are increasing I feel it.

For example, "durability of wallet" is not an established element only by "durability of leather material". The "durability" of the wallet becomes high for the first time by adding "the height of the wallet sewing technique (firm sewing)". Such products, in contrast to leather goods (wallets) sewn carefully one by one people who can be called leather craftsmen, these items of sewing are conspicuous as well. It seems that there are an increasing number of women (girls) closely watching those elements.

In women's leather goods (wallet / bag) I feel that attention to Italy (creation by Italian craftworkers) is rising again. Without being caught as "brand name" etc, "purse selection" that emphasizes factors such as "what kind of materials are used" and "where is the item being sewn / created" is increasing .

Our company attaches importance to the pursuit of genuine goods, not only the use of high-level leather, will also use the highest intentions to make high-quality wallets.

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