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The women, how to choose handbags?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-05-26

   A, bags and personality
The girl who choose recreational style, will have so many choices that includes collocation thick nylon, plastic or canvas and so on like the "hard" material bag. Temperament lovely and gentle girl, dress collocation and elegant often fit for frivolous fabrics, so the quality of a material of bags should be given priority to with material such as cotton, hemp or lace.

   B, bags and leather
When the common natural leather under the pressure from his thumb, will appear fine lines, the better grades, the better leather elasticity and the full extent. Common goat leather has decorative pattern of wavy, coarse and fine; Cow leather grain is fine and close, the pores are arranged irregular dot; Pig skin is relatively rough surface, decorative pattern is usually a group three pore distribution, can be hard to soft.

   C, bags and popular
One of the most popular is not necessarily the most suitable for you! Perhaps in the latest round shoulder bag fluorescent color let you shine at the moment, want to have it immediately impulse; But perhaps side of the earth color is patent leather handbags is the most make you fondle admiringly "joker".

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