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The wallet is a sign of business men?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-06-03

   As a man, whether use the purse is a good habit? Yes. Wallet can be received money, card, bills, or small items, indecent, of course, these things mess in my pocket.

  The wallet is indispensable for business people? Yes. Reasons as mentioned in the article, in order to suit for elegant, also want to be clean and tidy.

  Long wallet is more formal than short a wallet?Yes. Long hold degrees so much thinner, put inside suit is more break, compare with shorter, of course, it is more formal.

   Like lady will take package, standard attire of ordinary business people is take a briefcase, find the purse redundant words can be put inside a briefcase, even don't use a wallet briefcase can be deal with. It is suitable for most of us. Assistant senior business people even with a handbag, wallet to bring their own lover to eat something, also don't let the secretary to pay. Wallet styles is no fixed, the pocket part appearance as simple as possible (again, external surface had better not has logo, you are countless times expensive than goods, not the free advertising of media brands).


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