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The wallet fengshui knowledge and which wallet can saving expenses

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-26

How long can we use a wallet ?

From the fengshui sides,one wallet can use around 3years,then the lucky almost run out.This means a wallet only can use 3 years,although it does not broken you still need change a new wallet ,only in this way can saving expense,help you earn more money.

What is kind of wallet can saving expense ?

Nowadays,most people use folding wallet,but it is said that the money bent down everyday,can not extend ,then you can not saving expense,we suggest you use long straight wallet.The newer wallet ,the more you can saving expense.One of Japanese made a  research that 95% rich people use long wallet,it improved that the long wallet can be more saving expense.

Which color is most saving expense?

1:For lady the best color is pink,lt.yellow

2:The most saving expense color is black coffee and brown.

Blackbrowncoffee color wallet is the right color wallet you will never choose wrong,can be use for lady or man.Because the black brown and coffee color are means steady.

3.Better not tough color wallet is redblue and white.


After knowing about the meaning of all colors ,then you can choose your suitable wallet.Wish after your right choose of wallet ,you can earn more money and saving more expense.

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