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The wallet decide your identity!

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-02

Man must be very attention to the purse they used, because of what kind of wallet they used what person they are. On the online there is a saying, the saying is that the price of the wallets’ 200 times about is your annual salary. It seem to be heavy , but it has reason, the purse is one of the important symbol of identity to the men. Have a style and practical wallet is very important, but the wallet modelling emerge in endlessly, purse also does not have a certain specific species. Our sunteam is high quality wallet manufacturers, is also a fashionable card bag manufacturers. We produce all kinds of handbags and purses. Now let me introduce several basic types to you.

1 the Billfold: the most common basic purse, usually twenty percent or thirty percent. This wallet to store notes, card type, some still take a small change purse, enough to meet the daily needs.

2 the Breast Wallet: this Wallet design for long, in order to store notes born without crease, even if the store a lot of credit card does not appear bloated, also just the size of the design can be put into his chest pocket, or put in bag, loved by gentlemen.

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