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The standard how to identify a female bag?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-08-12

  (1) First is to see the appearance. The friend who has condition can see flowers on edition, or can distinguishth the difference the website picture or books, here it is best not to find some second-hand bags/magazines abroad, it's not accurate. Besides you can see the manual and stitch, specific standard can only rely on you to judgment, unless you can find a specialist or an expert explain for you.

  (2) Feel the package material. Generally feel more good material is better bag, some design is hard texture of the material. See the style, the same to the genuine products, but as long as it is genuine, or better than A cargo, the leather is used more and more soft, there will be very good-looking shiny luster.

  (3) If you're feeling very pungent taste is not good, as it is not good, pungent bad leather will have the acrid smell of pu leather, in addition, bag production process to use a lot of glue, super A cargo from good manufacturers are made into the imported glue, generally no pungent smell, as well as the material of genuine products and a good imitation bag are good, there is a light faint scent smells.

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