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The notice when you buy leather wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-09
Wallet, it is a kind of necessary belongings, not only need to put money, often have important documents to carry, and at the moment their wallets, also shows the taste and temperament, so when you choose and buy the purse, how to choose the right purse?Choose the wallet, the most important thing is suit their own identity, and can reflect the personality of his wallet is best, we analysis from the following three aspects:
1. Identify leather logo sign.
2. Check whether there is any trademark on goods, factory name, address, certificate of approval.
3.Imported leather products shall have the Chinese label.

A  the wallet is a common thing in the world, natural the function is the highest principle, when choosing a purse, regards to the style, quality, brand, layer number of card is not enough, the distance of interior and so on, should be considered.B, compared to pure purse, key holder,purse which integrates design is more suitable for pragmatic, you can put keys, coins and other small items into the purse, also can gain more taste to business woman.C, man wallet is given priority to with brunet leather material, the style is better to choose concise and easy!

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