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The most sad thing is distinction

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on:2016-04-12
When I arrived in company ,I hear that our colleagues Miss Luo will leave the company thisWednesday.Before today I don’t know she will leave us,so when I was tell by other people that message ,I can’t believe it. Although I came to the company for a short time only less than a month, but MISS luo always help me . Even I have learning Japanese for four years, but what I learned in the school is easy and which is used to talk to other people,but in the work is different form that we learn in the I often need to ask her some professional terms. Sometimes I feel that the problem I ask him is so much , but she is a patient people and always carefully answer to me. Not just in technical terms, and sometimes ask her some questions about the product accessories such as bags, wallet material algorithm, purse, she will use easy understand way to me tell me the answer.Really, she was gone I was a little disturbed by it. When I meet the hard question how I do, but I still hope that she will be better in the future. I hope if she have time she can come back here and will go to the KTV together.