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The method of professional women choose the handbag(2)

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-05-25

   Style: Besides fashionable, considering the use and shape characteristics is necessary. In view of investment, in addition to the reference of popular agitation when you buying handbags, more consideration should be given to the main application. 

    Every professional women must have at least two leather briefcase, because leather briefcase is the symbol of professional ability and social status. If you want to purchase new bags in Autumn and Winter, the doctor bag will be both popular and professional good choice. The doctor bag with a trapezoidal, wide at the bottom, upwards gradually narrowed, can accommodate many objects. The Autumn and Winter is affected by the wind restoring ancient ways, the doctor bag under the improvement of the designers, into the modern popular feeling, shoulder, hand, tie-in suit can create a decisive professional appearance, very suitable pink-collar ladies, and carry a large number of documents.

  Color: can match clothes or silk scarves, belts, shoes in the past, the color of the bag follow with shoes and belt, will not go wrong way of collocation; in fact, bag and clothes, shoes and even silk scarf are match with each other

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