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The meaning of women wallets’ color

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on :2016-04-26

Wuhan sunteam is a high quality wallet manufacturers, is also a fashionable card bag manufacturers. We produce all kinds of handbags and purses. And now I will told you the meaning of women wallets’ color

Red purse: red represents the deficit, which is very easy to spend the money and can't save money, or lose everything.

Blue wallet, blue represents water, which means money will run like water, is also a kind of color which is not suitable for the wallet.

Black wallet: black represents composed, can hold money,save money, make money not easily loss, especially for people like to do a few small investment.

Brown wallet: brown wallet have the same meaning with black wallet, but strength is not so strong as black wallet.

Yellow purse: yellow represents gold and money. Golden and yellow, is the best wallet color. To consider some big investment projects, gold purse can help you.

Most avoid is red, deep yellow second, these two colors let your money go away.

For women, pink is best, money for the opposite sex (source), a second yellow, beige and white

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