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The man how to choose the wallet?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-05-17

1.  Considering from the aspects of carrying,  a short wallet is more easy to carry; From the aspects of capacity, you need to be specific to see which style, purse of various manufacturers all different, with multi-function, there is also a simple and practical.

2. Today's young people generally like long purse, seems to be more grade than short one. In terms of fashion image, long style wallet is more fashion, more useful than short wallet.

3. Selection of famous brand wallet is very wide, and the price are all in the acceptable range, has greatly Logo printed grandiose, low-key style also have Logo in an inconspicuous area; Have a timeless dark color wallet and bright eye light the patent leather wallet...A male friend can choose according to his interesting.
4. Compare to the coin pouch, key holder, coin wallet in the integration of design is more suitable for you, you can receive keys, coins and other small items, also conforms to the modern men capable of image.

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