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The main method of American companies import bags from China

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-05-11

    The first kind of channel is the medium of consumer goods manufacturers, large and medium-sized wholesale retailers through trade agent, this is one of the main form of China's exports to the bags, these companies have a certain strength, the business center of gravity is the United States, they have no overseas companies, just through Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan trading company and the United States trading company agent, finish completely imported procurement from China.

    These trade company knows American market, understand the consumer psychology and consumer orientation, good command of international trade rules, and also very understand Chinese manufacturers situation, according to the customer's requirements, using their own design technology advantages and across thousands of manufacturers contact customer resources in China, in processing trading (CARDS, samples, packaging design) and product quality supervision, send goods, service advantages, such as bank statement for the U.S. market imported bags products in our country.

       The second channel is a large chain of retail and manufacturing companies in China set up purchasing companies, companies such as foreign trade business of our country, after wto accession limit threshold reduced, the channels will be my products, bags etc. One of the main export channels, for example, the characteristics of this kind of channel is the order is big enough, more stable, but the price is low.

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