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The magic handbag

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-05-21

   This handbag is very mysterious magic. Body as light as yan, handbag can use small voice control can also use the keyboard control, the deaf and dumb people are very helpful. Bag looks very beautiful can do adornment, small as a mobile phone, change shape when you take any things. If you don't remember take anything when go to school, go back to the classroom to the handbag and you say which one you want to take, so things will appear in the handbag. For example I want my computer, then it will become biger and go to my computer bag. When going to travel, what also don't have to take, just take a handbag to go, because the handbag can take what you want for you. Although handbag is useful, but if the thieves stole? If thieves stole he will use this handbag to steal things, but this handbag is of guard against theft, were thieves stole the thief even call one hundred times all have no reaction, because of the handbag also has the function to distinguish the good, the bad, the function will disappear if meeting the bad people.

   Although I still small, not invented this handbag, but now I must study hard, grow up and study together with other scientists research and invention of this handbag to serve people!

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