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The knowledge of handbag leather(2)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-01
1.Tobago leather
Inspection way:The tobago leather pattern is clear and evenly ,you can obvious feel the granular .It produce by the embossing machine.
Clear way:Easy clear,use regular oil clear the leather is enough.
Mantain and noted points:When the genuine leather becaome wrinkle,you can use iron to iron the leather to be flat.The temperature need
control at 60 degrees to 70 degrees.To do with thin cotton lining iron when ironing cloth, at the same time to keep moving the iron.

2.Goat leather
Inspection way:The leather is thin and soft ,the permeability is strong and hand feeling is smooth and soft.The pore is small and the
sharpe is flat and round.
Clear way:use dry and clear cloth with cleaner wipe the dirty part directly.
Mantain and noted points:please pay more attention with the oil and acid base things.If you meet the moist,it hard to repair.

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